Direct Placements

Direct Placements offer you the advantage of knowing each applicant, his skill and talent. Direct Placements bring the employer and the youth accepting the job to a common platform. The rigorous screening process is done and they offer key benefits to their clients.


● Direct Placements ensure companies in getting the right candidate and not job hoppers. Direct Placements ascertain the right candidate meets the career needs and are not merely skilled. Being in business for a long period, you must be aware of the difficulty of finding the right candidate. Fortunately, direct placements screen each candidate and you get the right choice. Moreover, you need not pay until you get the right candidate and there are no upfront fees.

● Direct Placements do a big job for you, the hiring processes. This is one of the biggest concerns to find a candidate matching your required criteria. Direct Placements offer an integrated hiring process, informing you the specific processes and metrics to find the right candidate to fill positions. They take care in selecting each candidate and give you the satisfaction of selecting each candidate by yourself.

● Finding a qualified candidate matching your company culture is also a crucial point. It may be challenging to determine who fits in your organization. Direct Placements are armed with appropriate information and match right candidates for suitable positions meeting the company culture that you need not spend additional time in seeding the needs.

● Direct staffing not only checks the proficiency of each applicant, but also performs skill matching and screening using testing software. They screen the technical skills and ensure the candidate has proficiencies and skills to suit the required position.

Direct employment may end up being costly, if you hire a wrong person. Allow us to do this job for you and minimize your risk of hiring a wrong person.