Outsource Services

Outsourcing has become an international business strategy that is employed by many world class firms or organizations to bring down the cost of their products and services retain their position in the competitive market and help in the efficiency of their businesses. We have professionals who are trained to research and get newer technologies suited to every client’s needs or demands. With our proven technologies, computer software and business processes, we outsource services that would support clients' businesses and implement excellent plans to beat the market.

We provide you with a cost effective information technology support plan or package that is suitable for the SMEs who would love to have a great IT center like ours. We would support and manage clients systems that are outsourced to us for their businesses to grow. There is a 24/7 network monitoring system that is innovative and would be able to fix any issue before they even happen. For our clients, they are able to enjoy a faster response time, reduced IT overheads, quality IT aid or support that is at an affordable rate, an increase in productive and remote assistance through our online support center

Our outsourcing service packages include; hardware and software installation and maintenance, security auditing, monitoring and reporting, server load and performance monitoring, anti-virus installation and definition updates, remote backups to secure your data, virus and spyware monitoring and removal, regular review meetings, access to customer help desk and portal, remote software patching and updates, remote access to your network, user management and administration and lots more. We deliver these services at a very affordable rate compared to what you would get from others. If you are thinking of getting support for your already existing IT contractor you need to make use of a subcontracted IT support.